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Can I navigate between graphics?

From Metasys Release 13.0, you can configure Metasys UI graphics on servers and engines to include buttons for navigating to other Metasys UI graphics. To configure navigation between graphics, in JCT and SCT, complete the following steps:
  1. In JCT, open the Graphics Editor for the required graphic, as outlined in How do I access the Graphics Editor?
  2. From the basic symbol library, add a button symbol to the graphic.
  3. In the Bindings panel, configure the button's bindings to reference a graphic from the Network tree.
    Note: In the Bindings panel, you can find the Metasys UI graphics in the Network tree by expanding the Graphics folder under a Metasys server or any engine that supports Metasys UI graphics.
  4. Save the graphic that you are editing.
  5. In SCT, open the same archive and then complete a sync or download operation for the server or engine where the graphic you edited is located.

To navigate between graphics, view the graphic in Metasys UI and then click the button that is bound to another graphic. If the button is bound to a graphic in an engine's Graphics folder, Metasys UI changes your navigation context by automatically selecting the other graphic in the Network tree. If the button is bound to a graphic on a server, the graphic widget updates to display the other graphic, but your navigation selection in Metasys UI does not change.

Note: You can also directly navigate to a graphic on an engine by selecting it in the Network tree.