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What does the User menu icon look like?

Table 1. User menu icon
Icon Icon name Icon description
User menu Opens User menu options, including Advanced Search & Reporting, System Activity, Feature Management, Network Security, Administrative Tasks, Help, My Profile, and Log Out.

What are my User menu options in Metasys UI?

The following table outlines the User menu options that are available in Metasys UI.
Note: For MVE on Metasys UI, refer to User Menu for MVE on Metasys UI for more information.
Table 2. Online User menu options
Menu Option


Advanced Search & Reporting

You can search for any object on your Metasys site, bulk command and bulk modify points, schedule reports, and create base reports.

System Activity

You can view and manage all audits and alarms that are forwarded from an engine to a Metasys server directly in Metasys UI with System Activity. The feature helps you understand changes that have occurred in the Metasys system over a period of time.

Feature Management
You can access the following features in Feature Management:
  • Graphics Manager: Administrators can manage, create, and edit graphics. You can also import and export Metasys UI graphics and Custom Symbols.
  • Remote Notifications: You can configure the routing and filtering of event and audit messages directly in the Metasys UI for each ADS/ADX, NAE85/LCS85 or engine, without installing software on client machines.
  • Trend Study Manager: Authorized users can manage, create, and edit trend studies.
  • Dashboards Manager: Administrators can manage and create custom dashboards.
  • Fault Manager: Administrators can view, enable, and disable all fault rules in the Fault Manager. Administrators can also modify global attributes and download an archive of global attributes, exceptions, and activity logs, and they can import an archive to restore data from a previous archive. You require the Metasys Fault Detection license to access the Fault Manager.
Note: The items listed here are not visible to Non-Administrator users, with the exception of Remote Notifications and Trend Study Manager.
Network Security You can access the following features in Network Security :
  • Cyber Health Dashboard: Administrators get a centralized view of potential security-related issues or system issues which are detectable by an ADS/ADX, but which may not surface as part of general system alarms.
  • Device Pairing: Administrators can pair devices with the Site Director.
  • BACnet/SC Management: Administrators can manage BACnet/SC certificates and settings with this feature.
Administrative Tasks You can access the following features in Administrative Tasks:
  • Site Settings: Administrators can enable the Alarm Monitor feature and the Usage Analytics service at site level. Administrators can also choose to force users to add annotations.
  • User Management: Administrators can create and manage users and roles in the Metasys UI.
  • Space Authorization: Administrators can define user authorization for spaces.
You can access the following features in Help:
  • Help: Opens the Metasys UI Help in a separate tab.
  • System Status Colors: Lists the read-only system status color preferences. These colors are applied to point status and values throughout the Metasys UI.
  • Take a Tour:

    View a tour of the common tasks. You must have internet access to view the Take a Tour site.

  • About: Lists the Metasys UI software version and the Metasys OAS, NAE85/LCS85, ADS/ADX, or ADS-Lite software version. As an Administrator, you also see available software updates. The About screen also shows the licensing status of your features.
  • Terms and Conditions: Opens the Terms and Conditions.
User You can see the user name of the user who is logged in here. Only the first three characters of the user name appear. The remaining characters are hidden to ensure that unauthorized users cannot gain access to the user name used to log into the system.
My Profile

You can manage your personal details, privileges and category access, preferred language, alarm setting, display settings, trend settings, and the Usage Analytics service at user level in My Profile.

Log Out

Log out of Metasys UI.

Which Metasys UI User menu options are supported on tablet and smartphone platforms in addition to desktop?

The following table outlines the platforms currently supported for each User menu option. X indicates that the User menu option is supported.
Table 3. Platforms supported for Online User menu options
User menu option Desktop Tablet Smartphone
Advanced Search & Reporting X X  
System Activity X X X
Graphics Manager X    
Remote Notifications X    
Trend Study Manager X    
Dashboards Manager X    
Fault Manager X X X
Cyber Health Dashboard X X X
Device Pairing X X X
BACnet/SC Management X    
Site Settings X X X
User Management X X X
Space Authorization X X  
My Profile X X X
Logout X X X
Note: Graphics Manager is not present in the menu for MVE on Metasys UI.
Note: Remote Notifications are only available for Administrators for MVE on Metasys UI.
  • You can use some desktop-specific Metasys UI features on your iPad™ (iOs version 13.2.3), if you enable the desktop view. To enable the desktop view on your iPad go to Settings > Safari > Request Desktop Website.
  • The User menu options Help, My Profile, and Log Out are supported on all platforms.