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What is My Profile?

The My Profile feature in Metasys UI shows the user details, system privileges, and category access. The details shown in My Profile are based on your Metasys user account settings. When you edit your profile information in My Profile, your profile details automatically update in User Management. You can also adjust certain display and trend settings in My Profile.

Who can access the My Profile feature?

All users can access the My Profile feature. The users can see details about their specific profile only.

How do I access My Profile?

  1. Open the User menu.
  2. Tap or click My Profile.

What is the layout of My Profile?

The following figure and table describe the default view of the My Profile window on a desktop platform.
Figure 1. My Profile feature layout
Table 1. My Profile feature callouts
Number Name Description
1 Details This is the default tab. It shows information about your user profile.
2 Privileges & Access Shows system privileges and category access details that relate to your user profile. This tab is read-only. The information is based on the details entered in the Category Access tab in the edit user window of User Management.
3 Display You can change general display settings and online display settings in this tab. For example, you can enable extended labels or collapse the navigation frame on login.
4 Trend You can change trend settings in this tab, including line color and line marker type.
5 Username and contact details Shows the username and contact details that relate to your user profile.
  • The character limit for the Full Name field is 100.
  • The character limit for the Description field is 200. This field is visible to the administrator only.
  • You cannot edit the Username field.
6 Language Shows the language selected for your user profile.
7 Alarm Setting Select this check box to enable audible alarms. You will hear a sound whenever a new alarm occurs.
8 Usage Analytics You can choose to share your own activity on the site on an anonymous basis.
Important: The Usage Analytics section only appears if the administrator enabled Usage Analytics for the entire site. The default setting is that you OPT IN to share your own activity on the site. Tap or click OPT OUT to opt out of sharing your own activity on the site.
9 Password settings Shows the password details for your profile.
Note: The password fields are disabled if the administrator selected the User Cannot Change Password check box in User Management.
Note: On a smartphone, select the My Profile tab that you want to open from the drop-down menu in the upper-left of the screen.

Are there any limitations on editing the My Profile values?

Any fields that are managed through Active Directory are disabled. Additionally, editing is limited for users who do not have User Can Modify Own Profile and for users who do not have User Can Change Own Password selected.

Is the My Profile feature supported on all devices?

Yes, the My Profile feature is supported on desktop, tablets, and smartphones.