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What is the Device Pairing feature?

Use this feature to establish a connection between the site director and an engine. The engine communicates with the site director after pairing. Unpaired engines are not able to communicate with the site director.

Who can access the Device Pairing feature?

Only administrators can access the Device Pairing feature.

How do I access the Device Pairing feature?

  1. Open the User menu.
  2. Tap or click Network Security.
  3. Tap or click Device Pairing.

How do I pair a device with the Device Pairing feature?

  1. In the Pairing Device(s) window, select one or more devices that you want to pair.
  2. In the Device Credentials section of the window, enter your engine username and password.
  3. Tap or click PAIR SELECTED DEVICES.

What do the icons in the Device Pairing feature represent?

The following table describes the icons in the Device Pairing feature.
Table 1. Device Pairing icons
Icon Icon description
This icon represents unpaired engines.
This icon represents paired engines.
This icon represents offline engines.

Why is my device not available for pairing?

A device is not available for pairing in the following cases:
  • The device has never been paired before. First time pairing is not yet supported.
  • The device is offline.
  • The device is at a release earlier than 10.1.

To view all devices, disable the Show only available unpaired engine(s) toggle. Check the Status column to determine if an engine is offline.

Is device pairing recorded in System Activity?

Yes, device pairing is recorded in System Activity.

Is the Device Pairing feature supported on all devices?

Yes, the Device Pairing feature is supported on desktop, tablets, and smartphones.