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What is an Update All Items Cache command and how do I execute it?

Starting at Release 11.0, the Building Network tree in the Metasys UI depends on the data cached in the Site Director, which is called the All Items Cache. The All Items Cache automatically updates for engines at Release 5.0 or later. The cache does not automatically update for engines at a release prior to 5.0 when you download an engine from the SCT and not through the Site Director. In this scenario, you must use the Update All Items Cache command to update the All Items Cache on the Site Director. This attribute appears in Metasys UI only.

To execute an Update All Items Cache command, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the Building Network tree and select the Site Director.
  2. Tap or click Command in the upper-left corner of the Detail widget.
  3. From the Command drop-down menu, select Update All Items Cache.
  4. Select a preset annotation, or enter your annotation in the text box.
  5. Tap or click SAVE.
Note: Executing an Update All Items Cache command does not terminate active Metasys UI sessions, unlike recycling the UI_AppPool or restarting the Server.