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How can I display the attributes of a bound point?

Attribute binding is supported in the Attribute Binding Symbol. Complete the following steps to display the attributes of a bound point:
  1. Open the graphic that you want to edit in the Graphics Editor.
  2. Add an Attribute Binding Symbol to the Graphic Canvas.
  3. Click on the Attribute Binding Symbol on the Graphic Canvas. The Edit toolbar opens.
  4. In the Edit toolbar, click the Bindings icon. The Bindings panel opens.
  5. Select the required object and drag it into the Object field.
  6. From the Attribute list, select the attribute that you want to display in the Graphics widget.
  7. Click SAVE and exit the Graphics Manager. The attribute values resolve when you open the Graphics widget.
    Note: The attribute values may not resolve correctly if you selected a Restore Command Priority attribute at step 6.