How do I silence alarms? Will silencing alarms silence current alarms or all alarms including new alarms? - Metasys - LIT-12011953 - Server - Metasys UI - 7.0.50

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When you are logged in to Metasys UI with the audible alarm feature enabled, the Alarm Notification Bar provides an alarm sounds icon that you can click to toggle between unsilenced and silenced alarms as shown in Table 1. When alarm sounds are playing, you can temporarily silence the sounds by clicking the unsilenced icon. This changes the icon to silenced and stops any current alarm sounds.

When alarm sounds are silenced, the sounds resume if any new alarm is detected or if you click the silenced icon again to toggle it back to unsilenced.
Note: If the alarm sounds icon does not appear in the Alarm Notification Bar, you do not have the audible alarm feature enabled. Refer to How do I enable or disable the audible alarm feature? for more information.
Table 1. Alarm sound icons
Icon Icon name Description
Unsilenced This is the default state. Alarm sounds are not silenced. Click this icon to toggle to silenced and temporarily silence any currently playing alarm sounds.
Silenced Alarm sounds are currently silenced. Click this icon to resume sounds for current alarms. If a new alarm is detected while alarm sounds are silenced, sounds automatically resume and this icon toggles back to unsilenced.
Note: If all new alarms are acknowledged, no alarm sounds even if the alarm sounds are unsilenced.

How do I access the Alarm Manager and the Alarm Monitor? for more information.The unsilenced and silenced icons are also present in the Alarm Monitor feature and in the Alarm Manager stand-alone. These icons do not display in Alarm Manager when it is opened from the Alarm Notification Bar. Refer to