How do I configure the alarm sounds? How do I use custom files for the alarm sounds? - Metasys - LIT-12011953 - Server - Metasys UI - 7.0.50

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Metasys administrators can configure the alarm sounds for the audible alarm feature through Metasys UI’s Site Settings as described in the following steps:
  1. Open Site Settings from Administrative Tasks in the User menu.
  2. Select the Alarm tab.
  3. Configure the settings listed in the following table.
  4. Click or tap Save.
Note: Site Settings in Metasys UI correspond to System Preferences in the SMP UI. Changes to Alarm settings affects both Metasys UI and SMP UI users.
Table 1. Site Settings – Alarm tab settings for audible alarms
Alarm Setting Description
Alarm Sound Interval Defines how many seconds Metasys UI waits before an alarm sound repeats.
Use Default System Beep

Specifies whether alarm sounds use the default system beep or audio files.

Select True to use the default system beep for all alarm priorities.

Select False to use the audio files defined for each alarm priority level.

Note: The sound for the default system beep is configured in the system sound settings of the device you are using to access Metasys UI.
Priority Levels Define up to 10 alarm priority levels, including the following priorities:
  • The range of alarm priorities for each level.
  • The audio file for alarm sounds at each priority level.
  • The alarm colors for alarm notification at each priority level.

When you configure the alarm priority levels, each level represents a range of alarm priorities. Metasys UI provides four default priority levels with audio files and alarm colors, as shown in the following figure. You can adjust the number of priority levels up to a maximum of 10 levels. When you define the ranges for each priority level, the first range always begins at 0. The next range begins one number higher than where the previous range stopped, up to 255.

Figure 1. Default settings for alarm priority levels

The audio file for an alarm priority level must be listed in the Alarm settings as a Waveform Audio File Format (WAV) file. The audible alarm feature requires audio files to exist on the Metasys UI host in both a WAV format, such as .wav file extension, and an MP3 format, such as .mp3 file extension. Metasys provides four default audio files in both formats that you can use for any alarm priority level. You can also customize alarm sounds by adding your own audio files to the Metasys UI host.

To use a custom alarm sound, add two audio files for the sound to the Metasys UI host with one file in WAV format and one file in MP3 format. The files must be identically named except for the extension and must be placed into the following locations.
  • Place the custom WAV (.wav) file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Johnson Controls\MetasysIII\UI\audio
  • Place the custom MP3 (.mp3) file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Johnson Controls\Metasys UI\API\Client\audio
Once you have added the custom WAV and MP3 files to the Metasys UI host, you can list the WAV file in the Alarm settings for any alarm priority level.
Note: The Alarm settings control the sounds used by the audible alarm feature in Metasys UI, however, the sound settings of the client computer control the volume of the audible alarms. If a sound file is missing or misconfigured, the Metasys UI uses the default system beep in its place.
Note: If you use Metasys UI with Safari of MAC book version 10.12.6, the alarm sound does not play due to security updates in Safari that prevents websites from playing audio and video without user consent or user action. You can change the Safari settings to play audio and video for all websites. Go to Safari > Preferences > Websites > Auto-Play > When visiting other websites, and select Allow All Auto-Play from the drop-down. If you do not want to change this setting for all websites, you can select the Metasys website and select the same value for the individual website.