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The Alarm Notification Bar displays in the uppermost position of the Metasys UI when you are using a browser on a desktop or tablet device. The Alarm Notification Bar always remains displayed regardless of which feature or widgets you have opened or navigated to in the Metasys UI. The Alarm Notification Bar does not appear on mobile phones or in browsers that have been resized to mobile phone size.

The Alarm Notification Bar notifies you when one or more alarms are pending your acknowledgment. The Alarm Notification Bar shows the total number of alarms pending your acknowledgment and provides details and actions for the current top alarm without having to open System Activity or Alarm Manager. The top alarm is the newest or most recent, highest priority alarm that requires acknowledgment, has not yet been acknowledged, and for which you have permission to acknowledge.

The Alarm Notification Bar also alerts you to new alarm occurrences. You can silence audible alarms when they are enabled. Refer to How do I acknowledge or discard an alarm? How do I bulk acknowledge or bulk discard alarms? and Audible alarm feature (Alarm sounds) for more information.

What is the layout of the Alarm Notification Bar? The following figure and table describe the layout of the Alarm Notification Bar. For MVE on Metasys UI, see Alarms and audits for MVE on Metasys UI for more information.

Note: If your browser is no longer getting updates for the alarm notification bar, the following message displays: Unable to receive alarm updates. Please refresh to try again. When you refresh your browser, the alarm notification bar updates with the latest information.
Figure 1. Alarm Notification Bar
Callout Item Description
1 Top alarm icon Displays the alarm icon for the top alarm. The icon matches the alarm's icon that appears in System Activity and displays using the colors defined in Site Settings for its alarm priority.
2 Alarm type Indicates the type of alarm, such as High Alarm, Low Alarm, Alarm, or Offline.
3 Date/time Lists the date and time when the alarm occurred.
4 Name Displays the Name of the item in alarm.
5 Description Displays the Description for the item in alarm, when available.
6 Trigger value Displays the value that caused the alarm to occur, if applicable. When the alarm has no associated trigger value, such as for Offline alarms, N/A displays.
7 Item Reference Displays the Item Reference for the item in alarm as a link. Click the link to open the Network Dashboard for the item.
8 Priority Displays the alarm's priority value
9 Alarm message text Displays the alarm message text that is configured for the alarm (if any). If the full text does not fit in the Alarm Notification Bar, hover over the text to view the full message.
10 Graphic icon Displays when a graphic is associated to this alarm. Click the icon to open and view the graphic.
11 Acknowledge action
Click this icon to acknowledge the top alarm.
Note: If Force Annotations are enabled in Site Settings, you are prompted to provide an annotation.
12 Discard action

Click this icon to discard the top alarm. This icon appears only if you have the Discard All Events system privilege.

Note: If you do not have the Discard All Events system privilege but you have the Discard Acknowledged Events permission, you can discard the alarm from System Activity after it is acknowledged.
Note: If Force Annotations are enabled in Site Settings, you are prompted to provide an annotation.
13 Pending count Displays the total number of alarms that are pending your acknowledgement.
14 Unsilenced icon Displays only when audible alarms are enabled and the alarm sounds are not silenced. Click while alarm sounds are playing to silence alarm sounds until a new alarm occurs.
15 Silenced icon Displays only when audible alarms are enabled and the alarm sounds are silenced. Click to unsilenced and resume alarm sounds.
Note: Alarm sounds automatically unsilence if a new alarm is detected.
16 Alarm Manager icon Displays only when the Alarm Manager feature is available in Metasys UI. Click to open Alarm Manager.
17 System Activity icon Displays when Alarm Manager is not available. Click this icon to open System Activity to view alarms.
Note: This is the icon that appears for MVE on Metasys UI and for Metasys UI on engines.
18 No pending alarms message When there are no alarms pending your acknowledgment, the Alarm Notification Bar shows a message to let you know.
19 Alarm Manager icon (shown) or System Activity icon Displays the same icon as appears when there are one or more alarms pending your acknowledgment. See callouts 16 and 17
Note: The Alarm Manager icon and the System Activity icon flashes several times when a new alarm occurs. The icons display a red dot when there are any recent alarms that require acknowledgment. The red dot appears when you log in if there are any new alarms requiring acknowledgment at the time you log in. It also appears after you log in if any new alarms occur.