UL/864 Smoke Control Listed systems - Metasys - LIT-1201526 - General System Information - Metasys System - 13.0.50

Metasys System Product Bulletin

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Metasys System
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Product Bulletin
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The Metasys system at Release 8.1 can be configured to provide a UL/cUL 864 UUKL 10th Edition Smoke Control Listed system. The system integrates a fire alarm system, such as the Intelligent Fire Controller (IFC) fire alarm panel, the Firefighter’s Smoke Control Station, and damper and fan control points throughout the facility using BACnet MS/TP and legacy N2 Bus devices.

The Metasys Smoke Control System includes a set of UL/cUL 864 UUKL 10th Edition Smoke Control hardware components Listed for indoor, dry environments. The smoke control applications are targeted to be run in specific models (designated with a -U suffix) within the network engine and Field Equipment Controller (FEC) families. SMP is the supported UI in the 10th Edition Listing.

The UL/cUL 864 UUKL 10th Edition Smoke Control Listing at Release 8.1 includes the listing for the US and Canada at 10th Edition. The listing title is Metasys System UL 864 10th Edition UUKL/ORD-C100-13 UUKLC Smoke Control System.