LonWorks Control Server (LCS) - Metasys - LIT-1201526 - General System Information - Metasys System - 13.0.50

Metasys System Product Bulletin

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Metasys System
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Product Bulletin
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The LCS85 is a high-capacity server that allows the integration of large LonWorks network systems. The LCS85 uses an open-architecture flat LonWorks system to monitor and supervise HVAC equipment, lighting, security, fire, and access control. The LCS85 supports a comprehensive set of supervisory features and functions for large facilities and technologically advanced buildings and complexes. When configured as the Site Director, the LCS85 can support up to four Metasys network engines.

A single LCS85 within a building provides monitoring and control, alarm and event management, data exchange, trending, energy management, scheduling, and data storage.

From Release 12.0, the LCS85 supports BACnet/SC and can act as a Primary Hub, Failover Hub, or Node in the BACnet/SC network topology. You need to purchase the M4-BACNETSC-0 add-on license to use BACnet/SC. For more information about BACnet/SC, refer to BACnet/SC Workflow Technical Bulletin (LIT-12013959) .

For more information about the LCS, refer to LonWorks Control Server (LCS) 85 Product Bulletin (LIT-12011549).