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Metasys System Product Bulletin

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Metasys System
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The Site Management Portal (SMP) is the original web user interface introduced with Metasys and provided operators with access. SMP is nearing end-of-life and has been succeeded by the HTML5-compliant Metasys UI.

The SMP does not require any special workstation software, only a web browser and a Johnson Controls specific Java® plug-in. Authorized users simply log in to the network engine or Metasys Server using a web browser to access the SMP. This embedded user interface is ideal for smaller networks and remote locations where a dedicated computer platform to support a user interface is not required, and also for sites where a Metasys network view and advanced operations are preferred.
Note: The Metasys server must be licensed in order to log on using SMP UI.
Note: From Metasys Release 12.0, SMP officially enters the end-of-support phase for Metasys Server software. SMP is now a licensable feature and is only available to certain Metasys site types and restricted from others, as listed below:
  • Metasys UI now supports MVE.
  • SMP is available for new and existing Metasys Validated Environment (MVE) sites. For MVE sites, the SMP feature license does not need to be purchased separately as the SMP UI is included with the MVE license.
  • SMP is not available for new, non-MVE Metasys installations.
  • SMP is available for existing Metasys sites upgrading to 13.0 or later. The SMP feature license must be purchased separately.
Note: From Metasys Release 13.0, Metasys UI replaces SMP on SNx engines, which is no longer directly accessible on these devices. If you require SMP for these engines, follow a manual process to install the appropriate SMP version for use by Metasys Launcher. For instructions, see the Launcher page at