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Metasys System Product Bulletin

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Metasys System
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Metasys users with appropriate access can visualize the configuration of the Metasys network using the Building Network tree. Use Global status indicators to visually identify network and operational issues for any item in the Metasys network. You do not need to configure spaces and equipment to take advantage of the Building Network feature in Metasys UI.

Users can add, delete, and configure objects directly from the Building Network tree in Metasys UI. This reduces the need for Metasys operators to use a different UI to perform these configuration tasks.

Each item integrated into the Metasys system has a dashboard, where you can diagnose issues with the building network by viewing and editing detailed item information, as well as viewing historical trend data. The widgets shown in the Building Network dashboard include the following:

  • Detail shows the current value and status of the item being viewed and allows the user to issue commands. The Detail widget contains the focus, diagnostic, and network views that you can use to view and edit detailed information for each item integrated into Metasys.
  • Summary widget allows the user to quickly identify operational issues with the network item by displaying a tabular rollup of data under the current network item. For instance, a listing of data points' present value and status under a network field controller.
  • Relationships enables the user to identify which equipment the network item serves.
  • Trend widget is a chart showing up to ten points of historical data being collected on the Metasys network item at the same time. Use this widget to view historical data, compare changes over time, and easily create PDF or CSV reports. You can identify patterns including outliers, using the intuitive candlestick chart that displays min, max, and averages. View trended data points on up to three different charts at once. This helps you to visualize trended points of drastically different ranges by enabling them to be placed on separate charts.
  • Involvement identifies what is currently attempting to control an object. The widget provides a visual depiction of what is involved with the object including what is serving it and what it is serving. The widget includes real-time values at every connection point in the involvement. The widget also distinguishes between operator commands and references; for example, logic connections. Involvement helps you to identify the root cause of system issues more quickly.

Some network dashboards, such as Schedules and Graphics, display the associated schedule or graphic widget, in addition to other widgets available in the Building Network dashboard.