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The Wireless Field Bus system provides a wireless platform across multiple levels of a Metasys building automation system (BAS), from network engines to equipment controllers and room sensors. Network engines require a Wireless Network Coordinator to interface to the wireless equipment controllers. Equipment controllers require only simple, add-on hardware to function wirelessly, and new models of TEC3100 network thermostats come with embedded wireless networking capabilities.

Wireless-enabled devices can coexist with hard-wired devices on the same Metasys network engine, providing a high degree of flexibility in installation design.

The Wireless Field Bus System provides a wireless alternative to hard-wired counterparts and facilitates easy initial location and relocation with minimal disruption to building occupants. The Wireless Field Bus System cost-effectively extends Metasys systems to applications where building aesthetics (such as solid walls or ceilings, temporary walls, or decorative surfaces) normally hinder hardwiring.

For more information, refer to the WRG1830/ZFR183x Pro Series Wireless Technical Bulletin (LIT-12013553) .