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Metasys System Product Bulletin

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Metasys System
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Metasys network engines provide network management over one or more networks of equipment controllers and other field devices. Metasys network engines feature several optional communication port and protocol selections for integrating not only Metasys equipment controllers, but also hundreds of types of non-Metasys devices and third-party devices typically found in commercial buildings.

  • BACnet/SC: for managing networks of Metasys IP-based devices, such as CGEs, CVEs, VMA1930, FAC4911, and third-party BACnet/SC devices with improved cybersecurity and network infrastructure integrity.
  • BACnet/IP: for managing networks of Metasys IP-based devices, such as CGEs, CVEs, VMA1930, FAC4911, and third-party BACnet/IP devices.
  • BACnet MS/TP: for managing networks of Metasys CGM, CVM, XPM, FAC, FEC, VMA, IOM, and TEC equipment controllers, non-Metasys BACnet MS/TP controllers, and third-party BACnet MS/TP devices.
  • Remote Field Bus: for connecting remote BACnet MS/TP devices such as CGMs, CVMs, XPMs, FACs, FECs, VMA16s, IOMs, TEC3600 series thermostats, and other BACnet MS/TP field devices using a BACnet/IP to MS/TP router.
  • SIMPLEX® Fire System: The SIMPLEX Fire System provides a BACnet/IP integration with the Metasys system to automate building conditions when triggered by a fire event.
  • Lighting systems integrations: LED lighting and sensor networks from preferred partners – Cree® and Molex® – are tightly integrated with the Metasys system for coordinated lighting behavior to alert occupants to critical building scenarios like fire, intruder alert, lockdown and code blue events.
  • ZETTLER® Fire Panels: Integrates data sourced from Zettler Fire Detection System into Metasys. This integration enables Metasys to serve as a secondary fire notification system that can alert more occupants in the event of a fire.
  • C·CURE 9000 Access Control and victor Video Management Systems: Vendor (VND) integration drivers are added to the Metasys system to provide data from C·CURE 9000 Access Control and victor Video Management Systems from Tyco Security Products.

  • ZFR and ZFR Pro Wireless Field Bus: for wirelessly managing networks of Metasys CGM, CVM, FEC family and TEC3000 equipment controllers.
  • N2: for managing networks of legacy Metasys equipment controllers, such as UNTs, VMA14xx, and DX-9100s and third-party N2 Open devices.
  • LonWorks: for managing networks of Metasys LN LonWorks controllers, legacy LonWorks equipment controllers, such as DX-9200s and TCUs, and third-party LonWorks devices.
  • MQTT integration driver: for managing bidirectional communication between network engines and a generic MQTT broker, which enables the exchange of Metasys data with popular IoT platforms and applications.
  • Modbus: for managing networks of third-party Modbus devices, such as energy meters and process controllers.
  • KNX (formerly EIB): for managing networks of KNX devices, such as window blinds and shading controls, lights, and meters.
  • M-Bus (EN 13757-3): for managing networks of M-Bus devices, such as heat meters.

The Metasys network engine software normalizes data retrieved from these networked field devices into BACnet objects, so a common set of control processes and services can be applied to all devices in a unified manner.