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The NAE85 is a software-only Metasys network engine that runs on a Windows Server. The NAE85 provides most of the same functions and capabilities as the hardware network engine models, but with a much higher point capacity.

The NAE85 can supervise BACnet/IP-based or BACnet/SC-based devices directly, including the following:
  • Metasys CGE and FAC4911 series general purpose application controllers
  • Metasys CVE and VMA1930 series VAV box controllers
The NAE85 can integrate BACnet MS/TP devices using a BACnet MS/TP to IP router and the Remote Field Bus integration object, including the following:
  • Metasys CGM series general purpose controllers
  • Metasys CVM series VAV box controllers
  • Metasys FEC, FAC, and VMA16/17/18 series field equipment controllers
  • TEC series networked thermostats
The NAE85 also supports building-wide integrations using the following VND type integration drivers:
  • C•CURE access control system
  • victor video management system
  • Zettler fire panel
The NAE85 also supports up to eight third-party integrations using the following integration drivers:
  • BACnet, including Simplex Fire Alarm Control Unit (FACU)
  • Modbus
  • M-Bus
  • KNX
  • OPC UA

From Release 12.0, the NAE85 supports BACnet/SC and can act as a Primary Hub, Failover Hub, or Node in the BACnet/SC network topology. You need to purchase the M4-BACNETSC-0 add-on license to use BACnet/SC. For more information about BACnet/SC, refer to BACnet/SC Workflow Technical Bulletin (LIT-12013959) .

For more information about the NAE85 network engine, refer to the NAE Catalog Page (LIT-1901148) .