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Metasys System Product Bulletin

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Metasys System
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Product Bulletin
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From Release 10.0, updated licensing technology and software delivery are available. Updates include software downloads, comprehensive licensing and entitlement management, and 24-hour, self-service licensing over the Internet. These enhancements help streamline software management for field technicians and customers, and protect customers’ buildings and networks from cyber security threats by preventing unlicensed, unauthorized use of Metasys software products.

From Release 11.0, Metasys UI administrator users receive notifications directly in the UI when licenses are expired, or when licenses are due to expire. Metasys UI administrator users also receive a software update notification when software updates are available. The software update notification feature identifies the latest software update for the Metasys server products, based on which one is installed with Metasys UI. For example, if your Metasys UI is installed with a Metasys OAS, you will see OAS update notifications only. Software Manager data is thereby displayed directly in the Metasys UI.
Note: Software update notifications are not available on MVE sites.