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Metasys System Product Bulletin

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Metasys System
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Release 10.1 introduced a REST-compliant Metasys Monitoring and Commanding Application Programming Interface (API). This API enables reading, writing, and commanding of Metasys objects or properties to provide a secure way to bi-directionally integrate with third-party applications. From Release 12.0, this API includes dynamic updating using Change of Value (COV) subscriptions. Dynamic updating eliminates the need for applications that are leveraging the Monitoring and Commanding API to constantly poll for data, which reduces cost and time on task.
Important: Existing customers who want to upgrade their Metasys Server software and the Monitoring and Commanding API add-on need to purchase both the relevant -6 upgrade product code number for the Server software license upgrade and the M4-APIMOCMD-6 upgrade product code to upgrade the Monitoring and Commanding API. If existing customers do not purchase both upgrade product code numbers, the API is no longer functional. Customers who purchased the API upgrade at Release 12.0 need only upgrade their Server software license to use the API at Release 13.0 or later.