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Metasys System Product Bulletin

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Metasys System
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TEC3000 Networked Thermostat Controllers are specifically designed for controlling common commercial heating and cooling equipment. TEC3000s are packaged in enclosures that are designed for mounting on a wall in the controlled space.

Figure 1. TEC3000 Color Series Thermostat

The TEC3000 Color Series Thermostats provide on and off, floating, and proportional control of the following equipment:

  • Local hydronic reheat valves.
  • Pressure-dependent VAV equipment with or without local reheat.
  • Two or four-pipe fan coils.
  • Cabinet unit heaters.
  • Other zoning equipment using an on/off, floating, or 0 to 10 VDC proportional control input.
Single or two-stage control of unitary rooftop units (RTUs):
  • Single or two-stage control of RTUs with economizers
  • Up to three-stage control of heat pumps, Two compressor stages with or without economizer
Note: Third stage is a supplemental heat stage and not a compressor like the first two stages.

TEC3600 models feature field-selectable BACnet MS/TP or N2 communication capabilities for integration into the Metasys system. New TEC3100 models are available that feature embedded wireless field bus capabilities for ZFR Pro wireless network integration into the Metasys system. All models include a USB port that allows simple backup and restore features, which enables rapid cloning of configuration between like units.

Some models have occupancy sensing capability built into the device. These thermostats help yield up to 30% energy savings in high-energy usage commercial buildings, such as schools and hotels, during occupied times by using additional standby setpoints.

All models feature an intuitive UI with backlit display that makes setup and operation quick and easy. Multiple fan configurations are supported for fan coil equipment types:

  • Single-speed
  • Multi-speed (two or three discrete speeds)
  • Variable-speed/EC motors (0 to 10 VDC control)

TEC3x3x models support Title 24 compliant Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) when driving an equipment with economizer and paired with a remote CO2 Sensor.

Some models support dehumidification on two-pipe fan coil units with reheat, and four-pipe fan coil units with or without reheat, or support dehumidification with staging equipment with external dehumidifiers configured over Auxiliary output terminal. When no heating is required, the thermostat controller monitors space humidity and activates dehumidification control as necessary. Heat and reheat are used as required to maintain the space temperature. For optimal dehumidification performance, use a fan coil unit that has a multi-speed or variable-speed fan (VSF).

For more information, refer to the TEC3000 Color Series Thermostats Product Bulletin (LIT-12013193).