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Metasys System
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The Controller Configuration Tool (CCT) is the interface to the equipment controllers' control logic, and provides visually intuitive screens for programming, simulating, and commissioning. CCT is well-suited for programmers of any skill level and provides multiple programming interfaces, including:

  • System Selection Wizard: programmers can choose from a list of application programs and select their specific control options by using a check-the-box interface.
  • Sideloop Wizard: programmers can easily add additional custom control logic to the main control application by using a check-the-box interface.
  • Logic Interface: programmers can create unique, custom programs by selecting and connecting functional logic blocks. The Logic interface also allows programmers to add or modify the control logic of applications created by the System Selection and Sideloop Wizards and also to view the logic and data flow for troubleshooting.
Note: Field Controller Package files (MS-FCP-0) are sold separately and require a license.