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The CG/CV series and FAC/FEC/VMA series equipment controller families share several similarities. Both families consist of fully programmable, high performance devices designed specifically for controlling a wide range of mechanical and electrical equipment found in commercial buildings. The CG/CV series controllers are modernized successors to the FAC/FEC/VMA series and include improvements intended to ease selection, configuration, commissioning, and servicing.

  • CG/CV Equipment Controller Family:
    • General Purpose Application Controllers (CGMs and CGEs)
    • VAV Box Equipment Controllers (CVMs and CVEs)
    • Input/Output (I/O) Expansion Modules (XPMs)
  • FEC Field Equipment Controller Family:
    • Advanced Application Field Equipment Controllers (FACs)
    • Field Equipment Controllers (FECs)
    • Variable Air Volume Modular Assemblies (VMAs)
    • Input/Output Modules (IOMs)

See CG series and CV series equipment controllers for more information about CGMs, CGEs, CVMs, CVEs, and XPMs.

See Table 1 for a comparison of the FEC family controllers.

For further details about CGMs, CGEs, CVMs, CVEs, and XPMs, refer to the Metasys CG, CV Equipment Controllers and XPM Expansion Modules Product Bulletin (LIT-12013105). For further details about FACs, FECs, VMAs, and IOMs, refer to the Metasys System Field Equipment Controllers and Related Products Bulletin (LIT-12011042).