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Metasys System Product Bulletin

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Metasys System
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SCT provides an offline mechanism for a project design engineer to configure the network engines and Metasys Server along with the Space and Equipment relationships for the Metasys UI. SCT can be integrated with the site to provide database loading and scheduled backups of the entire site. In addition to installing the SCT software, the SCT installer has been improved to install the required third-party software components, all with a single click of the mouse.
Note: SCT must be licensed in order to log on.
Note: Device Package files (MS-DP-0) are sold separately and require a separate license.
With SCT Pro, users can quickly and easily provision new, out-of-the-box Network Engines. Users can complete any of the following tasks:
  • Provision a new Network Engine
  • Upload and download a site
  • Perform a backup of a site
  • Schedule automatic recurring backups
  • Restore a site from a backup
  • Upgrade a device
  • Discover devices on the same subnet as the SCT Pro server

SCT Pro is installed during the installation of SCT Release 13.0 and later. Users can launch the new HTML user interface from SCT or from a URL on any client device type (workstation, tablet, or phone).

For a list of updated features and benefits available at the latest SCT Release, refer to System Configuration Tool Catalog Page (LIT-1900198) .

Table 1. Metasys Server, SCT, and NAE Update Tool releases

Release Date

Metasys Server


NAE Update Tool

October 2015 Release 7.0 Release 7.0 Release 7.0
September 2016 Release 8.0 Release 11.0 Release 11.0
February 2017 Release 8.1 Release 11.1 Release 11.1
August 2017 Release 9.0 Release 12.0 Release 12.0
December 2018 Release 10.0 Release 13.0 Release 13.0
October 2019 Release 10.1 Release 13.2 Release 13.2
October 2020 Release 11.0 Release 14.0 1 The NAE Update Tool continues to be a component of the SCT install. However, we encourage you to use SCT Pro instead of the NAE Update Tool.
November 2020 Release 11.0 Release 14.1
May 2021 Release 11.0 Release 13.3 and Release 14.2
May 2022 Release 12.0 Release 15.0
June 2023 Release 12.0.50 Release 15.0
September 2023 Release 13.0 Release 16.0
January 2024 Release 13.0.50 Release 16.0
1 SCT 14.0 was discontinued when SCT 14.1 was released.