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Metasys System Glossary

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Metasys System
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Zettler MX Speak 6.0

A comprehensive fire detection system manufactured by Johnson Controls that is common in Europe. At Release 10.1 or later, some network engines have the Zettler integration built-in for monitoring only.

ZFR Checkout Tool (ZCT)

The ZFR Checkout Tool (ZCT) is a tool that you use to validate the wireless connectivity and health of wireless devices within any ZFR181x or ZFR182x Pro Wireless Field Bus System. The tool helps you ensure that a reliable wireless mesh network is in place.

ZFR Pro Coordinator

A radio component of the ZFR182x Pro Series wireless system that connects to a WNC1800 Gateway or the ZFR183x Pro Series wireless system that connects to a WRG1830 Gateway, to provide a wireless interface between Wireless Enabled Field Controllers (WEFCs) and a supervisory controller. WEFCs can be Metasys equipment controllers equipped with ZFR Pro Routers, or wireless TEC3000s. Each wireless mesh network requires one ZFR Pro Coordinator and one WNC1800 Gateway, which initiates the formation of the network.


A system that provides a wireless platform for all Metasys CGM, CVM, and FEC family controllers and select TEC3000 Family controllers using BACnet® protocol over the 2.4 GHz wireless ISM band. Components of the ZFR Pro system create a wireless mesh network that allows for data exchange between gateways, coordinators, sensors, and equipment controllers. ZFR Pro can be used to reference either the ZFR182x or the ZFR183x Pro Series wireless solutions.