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Metasys System Glossary

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Metasys System
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User Interface. The UI is a means through which users interact with the Metasys system. Two UIs are available with the Metasys system:

  • Site Management Portal UI: Traditional UI with complete administration and configurations capabilities, comes installed with any Metasys server (ADS, ADS-Lite, ADX, and ODS).
  • Metasys UI: A software application that is installed when you install the software for any Metasys server (ADS, ADS-Lite, ADX, or OAS) or server-based engines (NAE85 or LCS85). The Metasys UI provides a simple location-based navigation approach to finding information, including the ability to search for any location by name and to bookmark a location in the browser. All data displayed in the Metasys UI is organized in a dashboard format, presenting to you the complete story of what is happening within a space, equipment, or central plant. You can access the Metasys UI from any type of client device with any screen size. Use Metasys UI for any building system operation.


From Underwriters Laboratories, UL 864 is a worldwide standard for fire protection and smoke control that follows rules and regulations set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).


From Underwriters Laboratories, UL 916 is a worldwide standard for energy management equipment.

User Principal Name (UPN)

In the Active Directory service, the name of a system user in an e-mail address format. The user name is followed by the @ sign, followed by the name of the Internet domain with which the user is associated. The Internet domain may be at the forest level of the Active Directory service tree (for example, username@jci.com) or at the domain level (for example, username@engineering.jci.com), or at another level defined by Active Directory service configuration. The UPN format is based on Internet Request For Comments (RFC) 822.

Usage Analytics

An optional web analytics service in the Metasys UI that tracks the use of the Metasys software either at the site level or the user level. Johnson Controls can improve the Metasys software by gaining insights into your use of our software.

User Graphics Tool (UGT)

Software for viewing, creating, and editing graphics to provide a visual representation of monitored systems. The UGT allows you to quickly check the status of system symbols and recognize unusual system conditions. The UGT is available with a network engine, ADS/ADX, and SCT. Graphics can be configured in the Site Management Portal UI and viewed in both the Site Management Portal UI and Metasys UI.