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Metasys System Glossary

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Metasys System
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Technical Bulletin
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Rapid Archive Creation (RAC)

A feature in SCT that system engineers and lead system specialists use to efficiently prepare an SCT archive. The feature streamlines the generation of the entire Metasys database for new or retrofit installations.


A location within a database on nonvolatile media programmed to collect and coordinate active data from one or multiple devices on the network on a continuous basis A repository includes alarm and event messages, operator transactions, and trend data.

Ring Manager

A device or set of devices that allow communication between IP controllers on a ring network. In Metasys, the set of IP controllers must be connected to an IE 2000 switch from Cisco Systems®.

Ring topology

A type of network topology in which devices are connected in a circular data path. Each networked device is connected to two others, like points on a circle. Together, devices in a ring topology are referred to as a ring network.