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Metasys System Glossary

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Metasys System
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Open Application Server. A computer server that combines many of the functions of a Network Engine with an ADS into a single piece of software that can be hosted on a virtual machine with required specifications. Alternatively, the OAS can be purchased as a turnkey offering, where Johnson Controls provides hardware with software already installed on it. The OAS provides a high value Site Director option for conventional controls projects while also providing the Metasys UI software.


Self-contained functional items in the Metasys system that contain processes to manage building automation system components Objects appear as items in the Metasys UI navigation tree that shows the hierarchical physical or logical relationship between the equipment on a site. These objects generally are referred to as items in the Metasys user interface. Each object that exists in a system is based on a specific object type. There are object types to manage the functions of the site, object types to manage the operation of the various devices installed on the site, object types to manage the physical input and output points of each field device, and others. Examples: Site object, NAE Device object, Analog Input object.


OPC Unified Architecture (UA) is a machine-to-machine communication protocol popular with industrial automation and process control type devices. From Release 11.0, network engines are enhanced with an OPC UA integration driver. This new OPC UA integration driver enables Metasys to monitor, command, schedule, alarm, trend, interlock, and share data with OPC UA devices. This enhancement enables Metasys to provide integrated automation solutions for buildings and market segments like Data Centers, manufacturing facilities, and others where OPC UA type devices are popular.


OpenBlue is a set of services and solutions for smart autonomous buildings that run on the OpenBlue Platform. The platform consists of OpenBlue Bridge, OpenBlue Cloud, and OpenBlue Twin. The solutions include OpenBlue Enterprise Manager (OBEM), OpenBlue Companion, OpenBlue Location Manager, OpenBlue Secure, OpenBlue Central Utility Plant (CUP), OpenBlue Connected Equipment, and OpenBlue Platform. OpenBlue also supports third-party integrations.

Organizational Units (OUs)

A container within Active Directory service The container is used to reflect the details of the organization’s business structure or to delegate administrative control over smaller groups of users, groups, and resources.