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Metasys System Glossary

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Metasys System
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Local Area Network. LANs are high-speed communications systems designed to link computers and other data processing devices together within a small geographic area such as a workgroup, department, or a single floor of a multi-story building.


A software application used to start any version of the Site Management Portal UI and SCT UI. Launcher is installed for you with the installation of the Metasys server software (ADS or ADX), SCT, or software-based network engine (NAE85). Launcher is also used to log in to a network engine.


Logic Connector Tool. A graphical software tool for creating and viewing custom control logic. The LCT is provided by the Site Management Portal UI and SCT UI.


LonWorks® Control Server (LCS) 85. Server software that uses an open-architecture flat LonWorks system to monitor and supervise HVAC equipment, lighting, security, fire, and access control. The LCS85 supports a comprehensive set of supervisory features and functions for large facilities and technologically advanced buildings and complexes. The LCS85 is a high-capacity server that allows the integration of large LonWorks network systems. When configured as the Site Director, the LCS85 can support up to four Metasys network engines.


Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. A standard communication protocol for directories located on TCP/IP networks. LDAP defines how a directory client can access a directory server, and how the client can perform directory operations and share directory data.

License Portal

A website that permits users and customers to register Metasys software.


A free and open-source operating system that is in use on some models and versions of Metasys network engines.


Language Installation Program (LIP). You can use the LIP tool to install and remove languages for Metasys software applications and network engines.

Logic Block

A component used to construct the control logic of a system. In CCT, logic block inputs are used to influence the state or values presented as outputs. Logic blocks also support drag and drop functionality in the LCT.


Local Operating Network. A networking platform created by Echelon® Corporation for use in building control applications such as HVAC and lighting.

LonMark® Standards

A standards organization founded by LonWorks network users to develop and maintain design guidelines for LonWorks networks.

LonTalk® Protocol

A protocol developed by Echelon® Systems Corporation and defined in the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard EIA/CEA-709.1-A-1999.

LonWorks Network

A network that uses the LonTalk protocol.