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Metasys System Glossary

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Metasys System
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Technical Bulletin
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Intelligent Fire Controller. A cost-effective fire alarm system that provides monitor and control capabilities of analog detectors, programmable relay modules, and circuits.


Internet Information Services. IIS is a web server included in Microsoft Windows operating systems.


Intelligent Lighting Controller. A lighting control system that monitors and controls lighting groups and provides scheduling and override capabilities.


Input/Output Module. A line of Metasys input and output expansion modules with integral RS-485 MS/TP communications. When installed on the SA Bus of a NCE, CGM, CGE, CVM, CVE, FAC, FEC, or VMA, an IOM expands the I/O capacity of these controllers. When installed on the FC bus, the IOM serves as an I/O point multiplexor to support monitoring and control from an NAE or NCE.


Internet Protocol. IP is the transport protocol of the Internet. Verification of reliable transmission is provided by Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).


Information Technology. IT is a general name for electronic data processing and technical standards for network communication.

Imperial Units

A system of measurement used mainly in the United States.

Integrated Microsoft Windows Authentication

An authentication method for directory security on a Web Server. Integrated Microsoft Windows authentication uses a cryptographic exchange with the user’s Web browser or Java® application to confirm the identity of the user and thereby authenticate the user to access the Web server resource (such as a Web service or a file).

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

A company that provides access to the Internet.

Internationalization (i18n)

A way of making computer software suitable for an international audience.


Synonymous with object. For more information, see Object.

Item Annotation

Text that the user enters for any item or object in the navigation tree, excluding user views and folders. Item annotations can be thought of as an electronic notepad for any Metasys system item or object.

Item Reference

An object attribute that contains a unique reference name for the object that is the full path name of the object through the Building Network Tree using the unique identifier that you specify when you manually create the object. The Item Reference begins with the site and device identifiers, separated by a colon, followed by the identifiers of any parent objects, such as an integration object, field device, or any nested folders, and ends with the identifier of the object itself. This is also referred to as a Fully Qualified References, see FQR.