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Metasys System Glossary

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Metasys System
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Technical Bulletin
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Graphics+ Generation Tool. A diagramming tool that helps designers create representations of their building equipment and floor plans and bind them to Metasys data objects. The tool includes an extensive library of pre-built symbols and templates, shortcut keys, and right-click functions, giving designers the ability to assemble graphics faster. The tool also provides flexibility to create customized graphics using a set of effects known as behaviors. With behaviors, you can command, navigate, change color, apply flash, set visibility, and display a context menu for bound Metasys objects. Graphics+ is pronounced Graphics-Plus.

Global command

An option in the Site Management Portal that provides operators the ability to send a single command to multiple objects and view a log of the command results.

Globally Unique Identifier (GUID)

A GUID is an internal unique identifier for objects within the system


A pictorial representation of building control equipment on a computer screen. A graphic can be designed so that a building operator can monitor and control building equipment directly from the graphic itself. The following types of graphics are supported in the system:

  • Standard Graphics (User Graphics Tool, UGT)
  • Graphics+ Graphics (GGT)
  • Metasys UI Graphics
    Note: Metasys UI Graphics are supported in Metasys UI, but are not supported in SMP.
  • Advanced Graphics (AGA)
    Note: AGA are supported in SMP, but are not supported in Metasys UI.

Graphic Stencil Library (GSL)

A collection of predefined graphics that can be configured in Microsoft Visio 2003 software and converted to SVG files can then be imported into the User Graphics Tool as background images.

Graphics Manager and Editor

An embedded graphics package that comes with the Metasys UI software. This package enables system designers to create graphics widgets using photo-realistic graphical representations of equipment and spaces.