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Metasys System Glossary

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Metasys System
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Advanced Application Field Equipment Controller. A line of Metasys configurable digital controllers that support selectable BACnet or N2 field bus networking protocols. FACs feature an integral real-time clock and support time-based tasks, which lets these equipment controllers monitor and control schedules, calendars, alarms, and trends. FACs can continue time-based control and monitoring when offline for extended periods of time from a Metasys system network. FACs can also operate as stand-alone controllers in applications that do not require a network engine or for network applications where it is preferred to have the scheduling, alarming, and trending performed locally in the equipment controllers.

Fault Detection

Identifies building system related faults and lists them in order of severity. Fault Detection helps operators quickly fix issues and avoid equipment failure, energy waste, and comfort complaints.

Fault Manager

The Fault Manager is closely linked to Fault Triage. You can view, enable, and disable all fault rules in the Fault Manager. You can modify global attributes and download an archive of global attributes, exceptions, and activity logs. You can also import an archive to restore data from a previous archive.

Fault Triage

Improves the fault list order by adding fault duration and occurrence to the sorting logic. Fault Triage provides less experienced building operators with easy-to-understand system information to begin identifying and troubleshooting issues, without relying on training or intervention from more experienced colleagues. Fault Triage also provides all building operators, regardless of experience level, a structured approach to logging and tracking resolved issues.

FC Bus

Field Controller Bus. An RS-485 communications bus used to connect BACnet MS/TP equipment controllers with network engines.


Field Equipment Controller. A line of Metasys configurable digital controllers that support selectable BACnet or N2 field bus networking protocols. The FEC family includes multiple models featuring a variety of total number and types of input and output interfaces. FECs feature 32-bit microprocessor architecture, patented continuous tuning adaptive control, and peer-to-peer communications, and they are available with an optional built-in LCD screen. A full range of FEC models combined with IOM or XPM models can apply to a wide variety of mechanical and electrical equipment control applications ranging from simple fan coil or heat pump control to advanced central plant management. The FEC Series controllers support wireless communications using the ZigBee® Field Router (ZFR) Series accessories.

Fiber-optic modems

Devices that convert communication signals over copper wire to light signals that can travel over fiber optic cable.

FIPS 140-2

The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)-140-2 is a United States government cybersecurity standard that approves cryptographic modules/algorithms used for encryption. The cryptographic modules are produced by private sector vendors who seek to have their products certified or validated for use in government departments and regulated industries.


A combination of hardware and software components that provides a security system to prevent unauthorized access from the Internet to the intranet.


Field Inspection Tool. FIT is a portable handheld device with a user interface that is used to test and troubleshoot the BACnet® protocol MS/TP RS-485 communications bus that connects supervisory controllers and field controllers.

Flash Memory

A type of constantly powered nonvolatile memory that can be erased and reprogrammed. In the network engine, flash is used like a hard disk for storing limited information.


One or more domains that share a common schema and global catalog within Active Directory service. Forests are normally organized hierarchically as determined by the customer.


Flow Monitor Station. A range of Triatek critical environment controllers for use in sensitive environments such as laboratories and healthcare settings.


Fully Qualified Reference. A unique, user-defined name that identifies an object in the Metasys system.

FSCS Panel

Firefighter's Smoke Control Station panel is a custom-built panel that provides firefighters with monitoring and control of the building’s smoke control system. This panel is an integral component of the UL 864 UUKL/ORD-C100-13 UUKLC 10th Edition Smoke Control Listing.