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Metasys System Glossary

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Metasys System
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Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

ADFS is an add-on, licensed feature to add support for Metasys using ADFS, a single sign-on solution developed by Microsoft®. ADFS can then, in turn, be used to provide 2-factor authentication for access to Metasys.

Active Directory Service

A network operating technology that enables Information Technology (IT) administrators to manage enterprise-wide information from a central repository. This information includes data center policy compliance and identity management, such as user logon accounts, which are used for both Microsoft® Windows® Operating System (OS) authentication and logging on to the Windows OS, as well as network resource authentication and logging on to enterprise-wide secured applications, such as email.

Active Directory Service Domain/Domain Controller

A collection of domain controllers that serve as a security boundary for network resources. A domain controller provides the Active Directory service to network users and computers; stores directory data; and manages user and domain interactions including the logon process, authentication, and directory searches.

Active Directory Service Schema

The formal definition of all object and attribute data that can be stored in the directory. For example, user is an object type with attribute data of name, first name, last name, e-mail, and so on. The schema is made up of object classes and attributes. The base, or default, schema contains a rich set of object classes and attributes to meet the needs of most organizations, and is modeled after the International Standards Organization (ISO) X.500 standard for directory services.

Active Directory Service Service Account

A logon account assigned to an application to enable the application to perform privileged actions within Active Directory service. The Metasys system requires one or more Service Accounts to be assigned to allow the system to perform directory queries and request Active Directory service authentication. Only one Service Account is allowed per domain.

Active Directory Service User Account

A logon account assigned to a user account that is created, stored, and maintained only within Active Directory service. This user account provides access to Active Directory service Network Resources. The account may also provide access to the Metasys system when added and privileged using the Metasys Security Administration system.


A note or comment that operators can add to describe or detail a change they made, such as why they commanded a setpoint or made a change to the schedule. Annotations can also be system generated.


Application Programming Interface. An API is a connection between computers or between computer programs. It is a type of software interface, offering a service to other pieces of software. See Metasys API and Metasys Monitoring and Commanding API.


Applications and Parameters Loading Tool. A tool you can use to download the configuration file associated with one or many controllers multiple times, update firmware as part of the download process, and read and write attributes to controllers of the same model. You can also use the tool to change values of the configuration file before download.

Application and Data Server (ADS)

Application and Data Server. A Metasys server that you can use to expand beyond the site management capabilities, number of connections limitations, and historical data storage limits of Network Automation Engines (NAEs), Network Integration Engines (NIEs), Network Control Engines (NCEs), SNE series network engines, and SNC series network engines. An ADS uses a free version of Microsoft® SQL Server® software to manage historical data on a computer that does not have a server-class OS. For a more robust system, an extended ADS is available (ADX).

Application and Data Server, Lite version (ADS-Lite)

Application and Data Server, Lite version. A lower-capacity Metasys server that is available for purchase in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The ADS-Lite products offer the same functionality as the standard ADS, but can serve as the Site Director for only the smaller-capacity network engines.

Extended Application and Data Server (ADX)

Extended Application and Data Server. A Metasys server that you can use to expand beyond the site management capabilities, number of connections limitations, and historical data storage limits of NAEs, NIEs, and ADSs. An ADX uses a full version of Microsoft SQL Server software to manage historical data on a computer with a server-class OS.

Alarm Manager

A feature in the Metasys UI that provides a view of all alarms in the Metasys system. From this view, you can take certain actions, such as sorting, acknowledging, and discarding alarms.


Location within a database on nonvolatile media for safe long-term storage of data. Archive is a term used for both site-specific system configuration data (archive database) and historical data (historical database). The term archive is also used to refer to the task of saving updates to the archive database.


The process of identifying and verifying a user by user name and password, or by verifying a Security Token. Authentication precedes authorization.


The process of granting access to specific functions and data based upon privileges defined in the security system. Authorization follows authentication.

Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing (APIPA)

A program that automatically assigns a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address to a device when there is no Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) on the server on the network; APIPA is intended for small, single subnet private networks and is available in the network engine.