Molex CoreSync POE lighting solutions - Metasys - LIT-12013153 - System Integration - Molex Lighting Integration - 11.0

Metasys System Commissioning for Molex Digital Lighting Systems Integration

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Molex Lighting Integration
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Commissioning Guide
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CoreSync™ is the name of Molex’s smart lighting POE (Power over Ethernet) system that uses a low voltage (< 55 W) network that both powers and controls LED light fixtures and other networked devices and sensors.

Molex works with multiple partners to provide a wide range of lighting fixtures. These fixtures come with a pre-installed Molex LED Driver or can be retrofitted on site. The Molex LED Driver powers and controls the enabled lighting fixture, and it interfaces with a Molex POE Gateway to provide dimming, On/Off control, and communicate the real-time status of the fixture.

Fixtures that require 120 VAC line voltage can be controlled by a Molex Wireless Relay. This relay provides On/Off control, 0 V to 10 V dimming, and feedback.

The combination of these POE and AC powered lighting solutions can be controlled and monitored through the same CoreSync software interface.