Consolidating spaces - Metasys - LIT-12013153 - System Integration - Molex Lighting Integration - 11.0

Metasys System Commissioning for Molex Digital Lighting Systems Integration

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Molex Lighting Integration
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Commissioning Guide
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To import the Rapid Archive Schedule into the Rapid Archive Field Controller wizard, you must include information in the Site/Building/Floor and Leaf Space columns. For example, if a lighting virtual device is located at BE Headquarters/Campus 507/Building 9/Floor 2/Room 201, in the Site/Building/Floor column enter BE Headquarters/Campus 507/Building 9/Floor 2, and in the Leaf Space column, enter Room 201.

Before you enter space information, you may need to consolidate multiple different space hierarchies. For example, the lighting vendor may follow a different naming convention and division of spaces than the HVAC installers.

Important: For best practice in a Metasys integration, use a single space hierarchy for all integrated building systems. If you do not consolidate to a single space hierarchy, then you may unintentionally create duplicate definitions for spaces. For example, you may create two spaces for each room; one with lighting objects and the other with HVAC objects.

If no space information is defined for the site, you can start with the space hierarchy from the lighting vendor, and modify the space hierarchies from other building systems to match. If space information is defined for a site, for example in relation to a HVAC installation, then modify the space hierarchy from the lighting vendor to match the existing hierarchy.