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Metasys System Commissioning for Cree Digital Lighting Systems Integration

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CREE Lighting Integration
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Commissioning Guide
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Cree SmartCast® Technology delivers smart lighting solutions as both a SmartCast POE (Power over Ethernet) system and a SmartCast Wireless system. The SmartCast POE system uses a low voltage (<55W) network that both powers and controls LED light fixtures and other networked devices and sensors.

Cree’s lighting fixtures are supplied with LED drivers that power and control the enabled lighting fixture. Communication to a SmartCast Link device is possible using a SmartCast POE Lighting Network configuration, or with a SmartCast Wireless Lighting Network through a SmartCast Wireless Gateway. The SmartCast Link provides dimming, color tuning, and On/Off control, and communicates the real-time status of the fixtures.