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Metasys System Commissioning for Cree Digital Lighting Systems Integration

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CREE Lighting Integration
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Commissioning Guide
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The Cree SmartCast Link device includes a BACnet service that virtualizes BACnet devices. The virtualized BACnet devices represent the lighting zones or spaces in a building. Each space then has a set of BACnet objects that are used to monitor and control the lights for the space. In addition, aggregated BACnet devices that represent the entire floor or building are also available so you can view and control all the lights in all spaces on the entire floor or building. This allows for easier monitoring and control with less programming logic in Metasys.

See the following table for the BACnet object list provided by Cree.

Table 1. BACnet object list
Name Point type Description Read or Write
Lights on Binary value Turn the lights on or off in the space. Read and write
Lighting level Analog value Set the brightness of the lights from 0% to 100%. Read and write
Space occupied Binary value Whether or not the space is occupied; based on movement detected by the PIR occupancy sensor included with each luminaire. Read only
Space occupied % Analog value Percentage of lights in a space that reported occupancy event; based on movement detected by the PIR occupancy sensor. Can translate to the percentage of the space that is occupied. Read only
Space power Analog value Power consumed by all the SmartCast lighting devices in a space Read only
Color temperature Analog value The highest value of color temperature (3000K – 5000K) among all the lights in a space Read and write
Identify Binary value Used for commissioning. Puts the lights in “identify mode” and causes the lights to flash on/off. Read and write