Timed Inactivity Logout - Metasys - LIT-1201793 - Software Application - Site Management Portal - 12.0.50

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Timed logout automatically logs you out of the Metasys system after a predefined time of inactivity. The system closes open databases, discards unsaved changes and view settings, and logs out the user. Users who logged in with a Metasys user name and users who were automatically logged in using Active Directory service, see the login screen at timed logout. If this system has the Warning Banner option selected, the custom warning banner screen appears at timed logout.

If you are an Active Directory service user and want to access the Metasys system again through automatic login, close the login screen and navigate to the Metasys URL. Otherwise, you can enter your Active Directory service user name and password and select your Active Directory service domain at the login screen to regain access to the Metasys system. Use the Security Administrator System to set this and other security features.

When the Warning Banner screen appears at timed logout, you must click OK to consent to the statement before returning to the login screen. The login screen waits 30 seconds for you to enter your credentials. If 30 seconds pass with no login activity, the login screen clears and the Warning Banner screen returns.