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Icons in the Status bar indicate system activity (Table 1).

Table 1. Status Bar Icons/Text



This icon appears if the Metasys software is sending or receiving view data to or from the Metasys Server or Engine.

This icon appears when diagnostic information for the Metasys system user interface is available. If you click this icon, the User Interface Diagnostics window appears.

This icon appears white if no events are currently in the Alarms Window. When this icon is flashing red, the Alarms Window contains events. If you click the icon, the Alarms Window appears in front of the other windows. A dashed box appears around this icon when the alarm pop-ups are disabled. If you click the icon, alarm pop-ups are automatically re-enabled, and the Alarms Window appears if applicable.

Time Zone/ Date/Time

The status bar of the Site Management Portal (SMP) UI displays the date, time, and time zone of the device to which you are logged in. Due to the time it takes to retrieve the time from the device, the status bar time may lag slightly behind the device’s actual time. If the device reports an unsupported time zone, the SMP UI defaults to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).