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The navigation frame can display several navigation trees in online mode . The All Items tree is generated during system configuration and represents the network layout of your system. You can add additional user-defined navigation trees (also referred to as user views) that provide navigation capabilities for viewing particular parts of your system.

Note: The Equipment folder and Facility Graphics folder only appear in the All Items tree in SCT. Equipment objects and UI graphics are not displayed in SMP.
Note: The navigation trees that appear for a particular user, including the All Items tree, are defined by the system administrator when the user's access permissions are created.

Navigation trees support standard browsing concepts such as the plus sign (+) for expanding items in the tree and the minus sign (-) for collapsing or hiding items in the tree. The maximum number of items that you can nest under an item in the All Items tree is 7. User-defined trees have no restrictions on the number of nested items.

To see more details on an item in the navigation tree, drag and drop the item or double-click the item in the navigation tree. The navigation frame also supports scroll bars and both right-click and left-click options.

You can display user views as either a set of tabs (default) or a drop-down list. This interface helps with large jobs that have many user views, as the tabs can occupy a large percentage of the viewable navigation screen area. Configure the default navigation display in the General Display Settings on the Display Settings Tab of the Preferences.

Click the Detach icon to detach the navigation frame. You can minimize and maximize the navigation frame, but if you click the X button, the frame is restored to its default position.