Electronic Signatures and Annotations for MVE Only - Metasys - LIT-1201793 - Software Application - Site Management Portal - 12.0.50

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MVE sites have settings in the Site Object for enabling annotation and electronic signature functionality. You can set the MVE site to require only annotations, only electronic signatures, both annotations and signatures, or neither annotations nor signatures. Non-MVE sites may optionally define and use annotations; however, electronic signatures are specific to MVE sites.

When enabled, electronic signatures challenge users whenever they attempt to make a change to the system. Before the system performs the user’s request, they must supply a signature and state a reason for the change. The mechanism the Metasys system uses for expressing that signature is a reauthentication challenge, in which users must reenter the password they used to log in to the Metasys system using either their Metasys password or their Active Directory service password. This process is recognized as an electronic signature.

In addition to collecting the electronic signature, the Metasys system may also require the user to enter or select an annotation. Annotations are statements that further describe the change being requested. After the password is verified and an annotation is selected, the user request is performed.

You can configure electronic signatures and annotations at the device and object levels. You cannot delete annotations on an MVE site. For information on enabling these settings, see Configuring Annotation and Electronic Signature Requirements in the Site Object in MVE. For additional information, refer to the Metasys for Validated Environments on Site Management Portals Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011327).