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The Alarms Window (also referred to as Metasys - Events or Alarm Bar) contains buttons to acknowledge, snooze, view, and discard alarm messages.

Table 1. Alarms Window Buttons

Button Text



Acknowledges events and stops the event from appearing on the Alarms Window.


Sends the currently displayed alarm message away for 5 minutes, allowing any pending next highest events to appear in the Alarms Window. After 5 minutes, the alarm appears in the Alarms Window again (if it is the highest priority event). To change the amount of time the Alarms Window snoozes, see Engine Device Object.

Snooze All

Puts the entire Alarms Window to sleep for 5 minutes. For the next 5 minutes, the Alarms Window disappears, even if high priority alarms or events occur. To change the amount of time the Alarms Window snoozes, see Engine Device Object.

View Item

Shows the Focus tab of the object in alarm in the Display Frame.

View Graphic

Displays the graphic associated with the alarm extension of the item in alarm in the available display frame. This button appears only if a graphic has been defined for the object.


Deletes the alarm with acknowledgment.


Minimizes the Alarms Window to the Windows task bar. If a new alarm occurs, the Alarms Window appears again as the top window.

For more information on alarm and event management, see the Alarm and Event Management section.