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The Chart Legend appears below the graphical charting area. The Chart Legend displays the list of trend items for the Trend Viewer in a table, and includes information about each item. Log events are also included.

Table 1. Legend




Select All

Selects the maximum number (10) of trend items for display in the chart.

Remove All Selections

Deselects all trend items in the chart Legend.


Opens the Select Item dialog box and allows you to add trend items to the Trend Viewer.

Note: All items and navigation trees appear in the Select Item window; however, you can only select trends. All other items appear dimmed.


Allows you to remove trend items from the Trend Viewer.


Indicates if the data for the trend item appears in the Chart. When checked, the data appears on the chart and in the table. When unchecked, the data does not appear in the chart or table.

Historical Trend Icon

Indicates the trend was selected from the ADS Historical Database folder.


Indicates the appearance of the marker style and color for the trend item on the Chart.

Color Palette

Opens the Select a Color dialog box. Allows you to change the color used to chart the trend data.

Log Event

Indicates a change in trend log status. Possible indicators shown vertically along the red line include:

Log Disabled, Log Purged, Log Enabled, Log Interrupted, Time Change, Read Error



Displays the trend item name based on the Name attribute.



Displays the trend item’s full reference.