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About this task

To configure the local Engine Event Repository and the Default Destination:


  1. View an Engine device. See Viewing Item Data for information on how to display an item.
  2. Select the Focus tab and click the Advanced radio button to display additional item information.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Scroll down to the Alarms and Site sections.
  5. Edit the attributes in these sections. Use the following table as a guide. See Engine Device Object for information about the attributes. The NAE Device attributes table contains Default Value and Values/Options/Range information for the attributes. Click the attribute names in the table for descriptions.
    Table 1. Repository Configuration

    To Do This:

    Edit This Engine Device Object Attribute:

    Change the size of the local Engine repository

    Alarm Repository Size

    Change the snooze time for the Alarms Window

    Alarm Snooze Time

    Forward acknowledged and discarded alarms and events from an NxE to the Metasys Server repository

    Ack Forward Enable

    Designate an ADS repository as a Default Destination

    ADS Repository

    Indicate the type of connection used by the Metasys Server

    ADS Connection Type

    Define a time to deliver event messages to the Metasys Server

    ADS Delivery Time

    Define the event message priority that triggers delivery to the Metasys Server

    ADS Priority Threshold

    Note: You can define only one repository as the Default Destination for an Engine. See Event Repositories for more information.
  6. Click Save.
    Note: If you want to define all local Engine repositories for the entire site at one time instead of individually, select the Site in the navigation tree and edit the following Site Object attributes (the Site attributes table contains Default Value and Values/Options/Range information for the attributes):
    • Default ADS Repository

    • Default ADS Connection Type

    • Default ADS Delivery Time

    • Default ADS Priority Threshold