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The Metasys system provides the functionality to use the Alarm and Event feature when integrating with BACnet devices (including the N30). You can configure the engines, Metasys Servers, or FACs to BACnet devices to comply with the standard BACnet alarm and event services such as intrinsic alarming, Event Enrollment object alarming, and alarm routing using the Notification Class Object. These optional alarming methods allow you to send alarm and event messages from the Metasys system to BACnet devices.

To use the alarm and event feature for Metasys systems that integrate BACnet devices, configure the Notification Class object, then reference that Notification Class object from the Event Enrollment Object or from an object with intrinsic alarming. The Notification Class object routes event messages from Event Enrollment objects or objects with intrinsic alarming to one or more BACnet device. Intrinsic alarming attributes, Event Enrollment objects, and Notification Class objects are fully compliant with the BACnet standard specifications and should be used if you want your Metasys system to send event messages to BACnet devices.

Event Messages routed through the Notification Class object to the Metasys system’s event repositories can use the Alarm and Event features such as the Event Viewer, Alarms Window, Alarm Reports, and DDAs. To enable this functionality, you must set the Route to Metasys attribute to true in the Notification Class objects used. See Configuring Metasys/BACnet Integration Alarming. See the Alarm and Event Management Alarm and Event Steps section for more information on the alarm and event feature.

The following figure shows the flow of event messages routed by the Notification Class object.

Figure 1. Event Message Flow

For details on configuring the detection of alarm conditions, the routing event messages to destinations, and the filtering and message formatting options, click one of the following:

The alarm extensions method of alarming is easier to configure and provides greater flexibility and functionality for standard Metasys applications. Use alarm extensions for alarming if your system does not require integration with BACnet devices.