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The Display Settings tab allows you to configure other properties related to the user interface display. These settings apply to the Site Management Portal user interface and the SCT.

The following table describes the attributes of the Display Settings tab.

Table 1. Display Settings Tab

Field Name


View Settings

Server time synchronization interval

Specifies how often (in minutes) the local time is synchronized with the server time. The range is 5–60 minutes. The default value is 30 minutes.

Hide unauthorized commands

Indicates whether the Command window hides the unauthorized commands for the logged in user. The default value is False, in which case the unauthorized commands appear dimmed.

New entry timeframe

Indicates the amount of time that audits/events are considered new (based on their time of occurrence in the Metasys system). The default value is 15 minutes. New audits/events are marked with a blue star in the Event Viewer and Audit Viewer.

Query Results

Maximum results in global search

Indicates the maximum number of rows displayed in the Global Search results view.

If you are logged into an NAE, the range is 10–500 and the default value is 500.

If you are logged into a Metasys server , the range is 10–2,000 and the default value is 500.

Note: If you display more than 500 results while logged into a Metasys server , Data Refresh disables.

If you are logged into SCT, the range is 10–10,000 and the default value is 5,000.

Note: Increasing the number of results in global search may have a negative impact on performance.

Print Settings

Default paper size

Specifies the default paper size (Letter or A4) to be used for printing. The default value is Letter.

General Display Settings

Default to Advanced View

Indicates whether the Advanced View is the default view when opening an item in the display panel or a wizard. The default value is False.

If the user is not authorized to access the Advanced View, the Advanced View is not shown.

Extended labels enabled on Login

Indicates whether extended labels are displayed in the navigation tree on login. The default value is False.

Default command set

Specifies which types of commands are shown by default when the Command window opens. The options are All Commands (default), Primary Commands, Secondary Commands, and Alarming Commands.
Note: We recommend using Primary Commands as the default command set to reduce errors by lower level operators.

Default schedule display

Indicates the initial display mode shown in the scheduling feature:
  • Today’s Schedule (default)
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Exception Schedule
  • Scheduled Items

Default navigation display

Specifies the User View navigation display as either a set of tabs (Tabbed) or a drop-down list (List). The default is Tabbed.

Note: List is recommended if the system has many user views, as this takes up less space in the navigation tree pane.

Online Display Settings

Enable alarm pop-ups on login

Specifies that upon login, whether the alarm pop-up window appears automatically (True or False). The default is True. If you change this attribute to False, a confirmation message appears that warns you that disabling alarm pop-ups may result in missed notifications of important alarms. Click Yes to disable alarm pop-ups or No to enable alarm pop-ups.

Collapse navigation frame on login

Specifies that upon login, the navigation tree collapses to the left (True or False). The default is False.

Default display panel layout

Specifies the Display Frame Layout that is displayed at login. The default panel layout is Single Panel.

Startup item 1–4

Defines up to four startup views, which are automatically displayed at login. The number of views that can be displayed is based on the Default display panel layout.

Note: Aliased graphics do not display properly if selected as a startup item. Specify the main graphic instead.

Click the Browse icon to access the Select Item dialog box. Select the item you want to appear in the panel upon login and click OK.

Note: Login time is increased when startup views are specified.

Delay startup graphic load

Specifies an optional login delay time of 1 to 60 seconds to allow the SMP UI to fully load a system graphic. The default is 0 seconds.