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The Annotations Settings tab allows you to define customized annotations to select when acknowledging and discarding events.

MVE sites have settings in the Site Object for enabling annotation (and electronic signature) functionality. You can set the MVE site to require only annotations, only electronic signatures, both annotations and signatures, or neither annotations nor signatures. Non-MVE sites may optionally define and use annotations; however, electronic signatures are specific to MVE sites.

We recommend that you define custom annotations specific to your needs, in addition to the predefined annotations. When the new Annotation Settings are saved in an MVE system, the new annotation selections are available to users when they electronically sign for changes.

You can configure annotations at the device and object levels. See Audit Message Annotations in Audit Trail for details on annotation fields. Also see Configuring Annotation and Electronic Signature Requirements in the Site Object in MVE.

Table 1 describes the attributes of the Annotation Settings tab.

Table 1. Annotation Settings Tab

Field Name


Annotation Text

Enter a new annotation to be added to the list of predefined annotations. The text can be from 1 to 255 characters in length. Click Add to save the new annotation.

Predefined annotations can be edited or deleted.

Predefined Annotation List

Displays the list of predefined annotations. Select a reason and click Delete to remove the annotation from the list. The Move Up and Move Down buttons allow you to reorder the list.

For additional information, refer to the Metasys for Validated Environments on Site Management Portal Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011327).