Creating a New Scheduled Report - Metasys - LIT-1201793 - Software Application - Site Management Portal - 12.0.50

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Site Management Portal
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User Guide
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  1. On the Query Menu, select New Scheduled Report. The Metasys - New Scheduled Report screen appears.
  2. Enter a report name that has fewer than 100 characters.
  3. Select an Object List.
  4. Select a Report Format.
  5. Select Send to Printer if you want to print the report.
  6. Select either Run Report Now or Schedule Report.
  7. In the Run This Report drop-down list, specify how often you want to run the report.
  8. Enter a Start Date.
  9. Enter an End Date.
    Note: If you wish to run the report indefinitely, select No End Date.
  10. Enter the Date Information if you schedule to run the report more than One Time Only.
  11. Enter the time you want the report to run in the Time Information section.
    Note: To repeat the schedule select the Repeat check box. Enter the interval (in minutes) to repeat and configure the time when this repeating interval ends. The range is 15 to 1,440 minutes. For an example, see the Scheduling Scenarios section.
  12. Click Save.
    Note: If you click Cancel, a Metasys - Report Changes Pending screen appears. Click Yes to save your changes. Click No to close the screen without saving your changes.