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You can set the Startup Time attribute to delay running logic for the first time in any LCT Program after a device restart. LCT programs run for the first time after input from integrations, for example, BACnet MSTP integration, to get their initial values. However, in some cases the input to one LCT Program can come from a calculation from some other object and the Startup Time delays the LCT program for the other logic, for example, averaging the room temperatures that are obtained from the room temperature from each mapped VAV device and producing an averaged output and the second LCT application could use the average output from the first. Ideally, you would want the second application to run the first time after the average temp is computed. Adding a delay on Startup of the second application is a simple way to ensure that occurs.

Note: Startup of the device does not complete until the largest LCT Program Startup Time expires.