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Use the Logic Connector Tool (LCT) to create the logic within a control system using a graphical presentation. The control logic may include System Blocks and Logic Blocks. The Edit Mode allows you to edit logic, and the View Mode allows viewing and limited commanding capabilities. When running the LCT on the SCT, commanding is disabled.

The LCT allows control system viewing and editing through any browser logged in to any online or configuration server with access to a Program (Control System) Object and Metasys or FX system.

Logic runs approximately every 5 seconds. It is important that control applications that require particular timing use internal logic to determine time between executions.

Note: You cannot insert logic on a Metasys server .
Note: From Metasys Release 12.0, a new logic viewer and editor is available within the Metasys UI. This means you can use the Metasys UI to view existing supervisory logic as well as create and edit new supervisory logic.