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The goal of Optimal Start Object is to reach either the Heating Setpoint or Cooling Setpoint at occupancy. The Optimal Start object selects the appropriate setpoint depending on the temperature before starting the equipment. To meet this goal, the Optimal Start object calculates:

  • Heating Constant and Cooling Constant represent the rate at which the temperature inside the building changes when the heating or cooling equipment is running

  • the temperature difference between the Zone Temperature and the Heating Setpoint or Cooling Setpoint before occupancy

  • how many minutes of precooling (cooldown) or preheating (warmup) are required based on the above difference

  • optimal start time when the Zone WC Mode Obj (BO, BV, MO, or MV object) is controlled by the optimal start process

The Optimal Start object interacts with a Schedule Object, binary objects, and analog objects in an Optimal Start application. See the Object Help section for information on these objects. See the Optimal Start Object section for attribute information on the Optimal Start object.

Figure 1 illustrates optimal start.

Figure 1. Optimal Start - Heating