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The Notes column lists specific characteristics of the attribute and its value. The characteristics (or flags) in Notes specify how the attribute is used in the object and how it can be set within the Metasys system.

Table 1. Notes



C - Configurable

Indicates if the value of the attribute is defined by the user when first creating the object and cannot be changed by the object itself. Configurable (C) attributes that are writable (W) can be changed by the user online or by a process or feature in the running system after the object has been created.

D - Default Attribute for Display

Indicates that this is the primary value of this object, and is used when the user interface needs to display a single value from the object. For example, this attribute is displayed in the header bar of the display panel for an object.

N - Value Not Required

Indicates that this configurable attribute may contain a blank value. (Other configurable [C] attributes without N must contain a valid value for the object to function.) For example, a value for a high or low limit attribute is not required and a blank value indicates that the alarm processing is not required.

R - Affected by Object Reliability

Indicates that the reliability of the value of this attribute is dependent on the object being in a reliable state.

W - Writable

Indicates that the user can edit the value of the attribute online or by a process or feature in the running system or network. A write to a configurable (C) attribute replaces the existing value. A write to other attributes is handled as an override to the value calculated by the object or as a command for some action by the object.